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Alex Walker


Alex Walker

Alex Walker, a Kenyan by birth, has been guiding and outfitting safaris throughout East Africa for fifteen years. During his childhood he was to be found in the bush of Southern Tanzania, the forests of the Mau in Kenya and the mountains and vast wilderness of Southern Sudan. Alex spent his time in the bush on foot hunting and exploring with his father's trackers. It was this early fascination with the animals and birds of the bush that convinced Alex as early as five years old that this was to be his vocation in life.

Alex is the senior partner in Alex Walker Safaris and Ol Tome Ltd who operrate Serian, and spends his time outfitting and operating safaris throughout East Africa. Specializing in horseback and camel treks based from Ol Tome's Mountain retreat and developing exciting wingshooting opportunities on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. At the same time Alex enjoys keeping his hand in recording some of Africa's unique images on film.