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The Book
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When I read Joseph Thomson’s account of his journey through Maasailand, I was captivated. I was determined to retrace his footsteps, and as soon as I expanded my research it became clear that he took the first camera in to East Africa. This added to my determination. Though he took many photographs, with the heat, humidity and poor image fixing, none of them survive today. When you consider photography was in its infancy then, barely forty years old, it’s not surprising.

Africa has undergone a great deal of change since 1883, nevertheless, to retrace this journey you can appreciate what an amazing feat it was and just how beautiful the landscape, its people and the wildlife truly are. I set out to recapture some of the photographs this extraordinary explorer writes about as well as add some of my own images of a land that I have such affinity with.

The project snowballed and became a television documentary, this website and a touring exhibition that are fast becoming educational resource as well as the creation of my first book. Using selected passages from Thomson’s account I have reflected his journey and mine through a collection of my photographs, with some personal captions.

It is a culmination of over four years research, fundraising and finally the expedition to retrace this man’s incredible journey. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it.

The book has been professionally produced. Measuring 30x30 cm, hard cover, coffee table style presentation of 195 photographs within 208 pages. To view a small portfollio of images click here

I am self-publishing a limited edition of 300 copies of my first book. Each Book will be numbered and signed.

Price £40 plus postage and packaging.

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