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Serian Calumet Photographic Competition

Hax, in association with Serian and Calumet Photographic are pleased to announce the Serian Photo Prize, a free to enter international photography competition.

After some unexpected delays in concluding the judging, we are proud to announce the Serian Calumet Photographic Competition winner Colin Mclatchie from Scotland.

Our Judges Alex Walker from Serian and photo journalist Georgina Goodwin and myself Hax. We have taken time to deliberate over all the 583 entries.

I have to say, I was very impressed at the standard of photography submitted to this competition was very high. Choosing the final selection took much longer that we though as there were many discussions bases on Merit and composition, not to mention whether each photo fitted the competition criteria.

There were some amazing photographs entered, but sadly were disqualified due to incorrect labeling of the images. It was frustrating for us as the method we used to display each entry as judging relied of the label to track the owner of the photograph. I think as our learning curve, we will made sure that this is more clear in the competition rules.

Comments from the judges

Thank you for letting me judge this competition. It has been a very rewarding experience and full of debate and comment. The standard of the finalists was very high and my vote was not an easy one to make. The winner deserved to be selected. Colin has captured a moment in nature that tells a very real story. Well done!Georgina Goodwin.

Well this was a very satisfying experience. The majority of the entrants achieved the essence of this our first competition. The final selection comprised of some seriously quality images, choosing the final winner took a lot of deliberation. I had many favorites, but Colin’s Puffin stood out amongst some tough competition, it achieved what we set out to see. Congratulations.Alex Walker

What was most fascinating for me was the debate over each photo entry and their merits. I am pleased that the standard is as high as it is. Capturing a moment that tells a whole story take a degree of subject knowledge, anticipation of that moment and a technical appreciation of exposure and timing. Luck has got a lot to do with it, yes, but success come when preparation meets opportunity!

As there are many photographs that deserve to be shown we have published two galleries. The first one are the images that deserve recognition and the other are the finalists, with Colin Mclactchie’s winning image.

This has been our first competition and there will certainly be another one that will be announced very soon.

This competition was made in the spirit of collaboration and involvement. Please feel free to email us your thoughts of the photography.

Commendation Gallery

Finalists Gallery