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Georgina Goodwin

Georgina Goodwin

Georgina was born and brought up in Kenya. After winning two Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards in Kenya in 2005 she has become one of Kenya`s most dynamic young photographers with experience in many different styles and genres of photography. Speaking fluent Swahili and having a genuinue understanding of many of Kenya`s tribal cultures, she has a unique ability for accessing and connecting with the people she photographs.

Self-taught, passionate and from a background of science, Georgina`s work has a strong and analytical style which gets gently but directly to the point of particular subjects and issues. Her work recently has been based on health - HIV, malaria, pediatric HIV - but also on location for commercial products as well as her feature and news coverage of the 2007-2008 Kenyan Crisis which continues to be widely shown.

Georgina is based in Kenya and has had her work published by the World Bank, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, New York Times, the Financial Times, BBC, CNN, Reuters, the United Nations, Unicef, McClatchy Newspapers New York, Africa Geographic, Brand Magazine South Africa, and many others.

See Georgina's work on her website