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Marc Johnston and Steve Amis from Media Mania launch a music CD of their Maasailand music!

Also on Amazon and ITunes!

Writing and recording the music for "Through Maasialand" and "Africa's Greatest Explorer" (Mike Hacker's History Channel documentary) was an amazing experience. The brief was to be as acoustic and authentic as possible! A big task for two lads from the north east of England whose only Knowledge of Africa had been watching re-runs of "Daktari" on TV.

However, armed with a bucket full of video and sound clips recorded by Mike live on the ground in Kenya, plus his enthusiasm and passion about the whole project - we set about recording.

We begged stole and borrowed a few original instruments and invented a few of our own as well, in fact anything that made a noise was put to good use (without giving any production secrets away) in keeping with the Maasais own culture of traveling light we made use of our surroundings to create sound.

The whole writing and recording experience was different to anything we had ever done before, using many different instrument tunings and some diverse playing methods, but above all, lots of imagination!

Most of the tracks that we produced for this project are now available on CD, and we hope you enjoy our our collective musical interpretation of "Through Maasailand"

CD Cover

Track List

Intro To Maasailand
Maasai Song
Nyatti Song
On The Run
Seeing The Plains
Treat The Earth Well
Walking With The Bank Account
Plodding Through The Plains

By Marc Johnston and Steve Amis

You can order individual tracks or the entire CD from

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